You Can Now Order Your Girl Scout Cookies On DoorDash


Photo: Getty Images

It's Girl Scout Cookie Season! If you're like me, you look forward to those Tagalongs all year long. If you were trying to resist, tough luck: this year you can now use DoorDash to order your favorite flavor.

Customers can type “Girl Scouts” into the search on the Door Dash app or online, and if it's offered in your area, Dashers will bring your cookies straight to your door. 

Proceeds still benefit the Girl Scouts and you can even get the two new flavors being added this year, Adventurefuls, which are described as “A brownie-inspired cookie with a caramel filling and a sea salt drizzle on top,” and Toast-Yays: “a French toast-inspired cookies with cinnamon icing.”

Will you be ordering cookies this year? And do you agree with me that Tagalongs are the best flavor?

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