How To Deal With Coronavirus-Related Stress

Photo Credit: Jill Moffa

I have anxiety on a regular day.

What sets me off and causes me to worry? The usual things: Trying to figure out weekend plans, getting certain projects done in a timely manner, figuring out what to do with the lease on my apartment.


The last few days have NOT BEEN NORMAL by any means. They have been a whirlwind of confusion with news of the #Coronavirus spreading, and in my eyes how people are reacting by panicking. ⠀


It’s so easy to panic when there’s confusion, and misinformation spreading about as fast as the virus itself.

Fear of the unknown, desire for control. Try not to give in to this. Listen to the CDC’s advice. Wash your hands with soap and water. Stay home if you’re under the weather. Don’t panic-buy 142 rolls of toilet paper.

For me what works is trying to disconnect a little with fiction. I’ll binge-watch a show (Picard is fantastic btw) – I’ll read a book. Do your best to remain calm, obtain facts and act accordingly and considerately.

What also helps is having someone to talk to, maybe a trusted family member, partner, even a therapist who will listen and help you manage your anxious thoughts.

Happy to talk with you more in detail, reach out here or send me a DM on Instagram. Love you much and stay healthy.



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