No Surprise, Most Of Us Are Not Getting Enough Quality Sleep

I was just actually having this discussion with Dr. Nebraska and our friends yesterday! I am the self-proclaimed Queen of Naps (I have the mug to prove it) -- and today is MY day, as it's National Napping Day. The totally made-up holiday that always falls the day after the return of Daylight Saving Time when people could use a little refresher after losing an hour of sleep.

Personally, my sleep habits are strange. I can wake up early, no problem -- but at some point usually in the afternoon I NEED a nap or I basically can't function. Sometimes I get attacked with the "tireds" in the early evening usually after I eat. It'd be nice to plan my nap accordingly so I can actually spend some quality time with Eric when he gets home from work. 😭

Anywho - I was able to dig up some stats and it turns out I'm not alone in being a weirdo sleeper.

A new survey by the National Sleep Foundation finds:

  • The average American admits to feeling sleepy three times a week.
  • As for how they try to combat that, 62% of people simply say they try to “shake it off.”
  • And for some people it’s more than just three days. In fact, those who say they feel sleepy five of seven days a week have high rates of:
  • Irritability (52%)
  • Headaches (40%)
  • Feeling unwell (34%) 

So, why are people feeling tired so often?

  • 55% say it’s because they just aren’t sleeping well.
  • 44% say it’s because they don’t have enough time to sleep.

As for what people can do to get a better night’s sleep, the National Sleep Foundation recommends:

  • Sticking to a sleep schedule, even on weekends.
  • Practice a relaxing bed time ritual.
  • Start tracking your sleep using apps and devices. 

I'm going to work on these starting tonight! Do you agree with these stats? How are your sleeping habits compared to mine? Are you a fan of naps? Feel free to comment below!

Source: National Sleep Foundation

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