305 Things You Need To Know: Wednesday May 15

you can now hit up Publix and have them DELIVER A SUB TO YOUR DOOR!

 Publix's Instacart service is the first to offer sub sandwiches as an item for delivery, and your first delivery is free. 

Same day orders are available, you can select the time you want your sub delivered, AND alcohol delivery is also available. 


-Florida ranks first in the nation for higher education, and beats out all other states for the third consecutive year.


-Burger King will begin serving the all-plant Impossible Burger, which they're calling the Impossible Whopper at 113 locations across Miami-Broward. I am a big fan of the impossible burger.


-Uber is launching new features for it's luxury Uber Black service. For those of you who don't like a chatty driver, there will now be a 'quiet mode' for passengers who don't want small talk during their ride. Passengers will also be able to request their preferred car temperature and help with luggage.


-Marlins play at home tonight against Tampa Bay at 7:10



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