40lb Cheeseburger Pizza Being Sold For $2000 In NY

OMG!!!!  Forget the diet and sign us up for this!!  There is now a 40 pound cheeseburger pizza and it costs $2,000. That's right, $2000!!  If you want to drop the money and taste it just swing by  Champion Pizza in New York City.  "The pizza which starts with a pizza base that’s been dressed with burger toppings including lettuce, tomato and onions.They then gradually add layers of hamburger meat and mozzarella and American cheeses, which is all doused with ketchup.It’s then layered with its own 10-pound Kobe beef patty, which itself is topped just like a pepperoni pizza, meaning there’s a layer of crust, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and a heaping helping of pepperoni."

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