Zara Larsson Talks Fangirling Over Beyoncé, Upcoming Album, & Wedding Crash


It’s been over a year since Zara Larsson released her sophomore album “So Good,” and we have missed her! Zara stopped by the KTU studio to catch up with Lulu y Lala as she gears up to release her third studio album, this year, before the holidays. Zara reveals, “The vibe of the album is still pop…I listen to a lot of different things – that’s why I love pop. There are some dance tracks, some EDM, some more hip-hoppy, but still I wanna have big (pop) songs!” We cannot wait to hear her new music.

As the interview went on, Zara Larsson revealed some secret obsessions. Lulu and Lala asked what she would pick if she had to choose between attending Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's, or Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber's weddings. She would definitely crash Ariana and Pete’s! The singer-songwriter revealed that she is secretly obsessed with Ariana and Pete’s relationship- she even sends their cute Insta-posts back and forth to her friends.

Finally, Zara Larsson spoke about her obsession with Beyoncé, “I love her so much… you see all these people and celebrities that you look up and you realize that they’re just humans… but I wanna keep Beyoncé non-human. She’s the last person that’s more than a human to me. I agree - I think it’s a little strange, but that’s my idol and I don’t wanna drag her down to earth. To me she’s just my one true, biggest inspiration.” We feel you on that girl! 

Now, we patiently wait for new Zara Larsson music to drop.

Lulu Y Lala

Lulu Y Lala

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