Girl Finishes High School And Gets College Degree At 12

A Florida 12-year-old has completed high school, earned an associate’s degree, and is headed to university in the spring. Sawsan Ahmed of Weston, Florida, graduated from high school when she was nine-years-old, received her associate’s degree from Broward College in December, earning a 4.0 GPA, and now the tween is heading to the University of Florida to study chemistry, biology, and computers.

Ahmed’s family first noticed her advanced academic ability when she was being homeschooled and would easily get through material years ahead of her grade level. Her mother, Jeena Santo Ahmedsays they pretty much let her study whatever interested her, following her lead. Broward College assistant biology professor Amber Abels says Ahmed had no problem staying on pace with her fellow students. "The thing I remember most is that she was always ready to do lab work everyday, like, exceptionally excited. It was great,” Abels says. “She was more than able to keep up and was an excellent student.”

Ahmed says she’s inspired by other strong women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) like biomedical engineerAndrea Gellatly, team leader on the TV show “Battlebots.” Ahmed says Gellatly is a role model for her because of her work at the intersection of biology and engineering, an area of interest to her. And she’s also inspired by her father, a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic’s cancer center in Abu Dhabi. "Physicians like my dad save lives one at a time,” she says, “but if I invented technology that can work in medicine it could save many lives at once.”

Source:Good Morning America

Photo Credit: Getty

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