Nurses and Doctors Sing Bruno Mars "Count on Me" Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

People across the world have continuously been showing their support for medical workers during the Coronavirus pandemic. One hospital in Melbourne, Australia even created a “scrubs choir” to boost morale.

The hospital's chief musical therapist Emma O'Brien, coordinated a musical performance after noticing that many workers were stressed out,"We also really wanted to connect with other healthcare workers across the world through this, and to let the community know that we're here, you can count on us, and to thank everyone,"said O’Brien. 

They definitely connected on an international level! Doctors, nurses, and medical staff created videos singing Bruno Mars’ song, “Count on Me." There were over 200 staff members who eded up participating each with their own twist! Some strumming guitars and others even performing the song in sign language.

Take a look at the video below! So good to see these heroes having a bit of fun amidst the chaos we're living.

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