BACHELOR ALERT: More Nip Slips Than Ever This Year


BARSTOOL: Yeah what the hell is going on around here?! One nip slip would be one thing. I can see ABC missing one nipple. Mistakes happen. But a second and a third nipple? A separate pair of nipples? On the same episode? No no no. That’s no mistake. That’s deliberate. That’s a conspiracy my friend. And it actually makes sense if you think about it. Disney owns ABC. Shows like The Bachelor have a super tight leash when it comes to showing anything too scandalous cause they don’t wanna piss off Mickey Mouse. Going along with that logic, watchers of The Bachelor (mostly myself) have complained that they don’t show enough skin for a show that is literally about people going on a million dates and trying to hook up. So what does ABC decide to do? Sneak in some nip slips. It’s genius. That way they can give the people what they want, show more skin but then be able to claim it was an “accident” when a reality TV journalist like myself blows the case wide open. Stay woke.


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