ICYMI: Historic Waves Crashed a Wedding in Hawaii & the Video is EPIC!!!


If rain is a good omen on your wedding day I feel like this EPIC wave crashing this wedding guaranteed these Newlyweds get a 50th Wedding Anniversary!!!

Check out the video...

Crazy Right!!!

Now, our friends at the National Weather Service reported that these uncommonly large waves impacting the Southern Shores of Hawaii, which reached 20ft in height or greater, were caused by a combination of a strong south swell that peaked on Saturday evening coupled with particularly high tides and of course rising sea levels associated with climate change.

This wedding on Kailua-Kona wasn't the only place that gnarly surf, which included some of the largest waves seen in decades, was seen and felt...

Check out this video from another spot on the South Shore...

While the waves made for some great social media moments, lifeguards and rescue crews across the state had a busy weekend.

They conducted at least 1,960 rescues on the island of Oahu alone on Saturday and Sunday.

Honolulu officials reported one serious injury when a surfer suffered a laceration to the back of his head...

I don't think anything could keep those guys out of the water tho. Not with waves like that!!!

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