VIDEO: New Homeowners Open a Wall and Dozens of Liquor Bottles Fell Out

Home renovation during pandemic

Photo: Kinga Krzeminska / Moment / Getty Images

A couple in New Jersey recently bought a new house. Well, it was new to them but had a previous owner. They were doing some home renovations when they discovered an abundance of something hidden in the homes' walls.

When the couple had to replace some drywall in the basement, they opened the wall up, only to find dozens of empty Captain Morgan spiced rum bottles. So many, that they started spilling out of the wall.

As the husband removes the bottles from out of the wall, his wife can be heard in the video with some jokes.

Apparently, someone claiming to be the previous owner saw the video and followed up with them by saying there are hundreds more hidden in the walls, but that he's three years sober now.

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