Have You Tried The Latest Trend on TikTok: The "Everything Shower" Trend?

Happy millennial woman wrapped in towel cleaning ears after shower

Photo: Getty Images

Maybe you've been doing this for years, unaware that eventually there would not only be a name for it, but a TikTok trend surrounding the "everything shower." The trend seems to be picking up steam after "The Wall Street Journal" recently did a story on it.

An "everything shower" is when you take an extra-long shower, and basically, you're giving yourself an at-home full spa treatment.

TikTok users, mostly women, have been posting videos showing off their step-by-step shower routine.

For example, instead of simply washing your body, an Everything Shower might include special treatments like a facial mask, a full-body exfoliator, a deep-conditioning hair mask, and a detoxifying scalp scrub.

Basically, grab every beauty product you own and treat yourself!

Some TikTokers also suggest lighting candles or sitting around in your robe to give yourself more of a spa day feel.

The purpose of the trend is to promote treating yourself and users who've tried the trend say it's good for both your physical and mental health.

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