Owl Stows Away for 2-Week Trip on Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship from Florida

You've seen Florida Man and Florida Woman headlines but, a Florida owl is the latest Florida resident to cause chaos on a cruise ship.

According to The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), an owl has been successfully captured after being a stowaway aboard a cruise ship leaving Florida for a two-week trip to Mexico.

Wildlife biologist Ricardo Zambrano responded to Royal Caribbean International's Symphony of the Seas cruise ship in Miami after the crew reported that a burrowing owl had been spotted on multiple occasions during the vessel's two-week trip to Mexico and back.

In a Facebook post, FWC said, "Ricardo only had a one-hour window of time between the passengers disembarking and new passengers coming aboard for their week-long vacation to Mexico."

The crew made several attempts to catch the owl, but it only caused the bird to flee to new perches, until they were able to distract the owl long enough for Zambrano to detain the bird.

"After the amazing rescue, the cute little stowaway was safely assisted with the disembarkation process. He had nothing to claim in customs," the social media post wrote.

The owl was taken to the South Florida Wildlife Center for examination and observation but appeared to be perfectly fine.

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