PHOTOS: Bobcat Snuggles Up in Dog's Bed After Attacking Dog

A big lynx is attentive outside in winter

Photo: Getty Images

A pup named Squeakers is lucky to be alive after the dog suffered serious injuries from a bobcat encounter in the family's own home.

According to CBS12, the bobcat entered the Arizona home through a doggy door, attacked the family's dog, and then snuggled up in Squeakers' dog bed.

The Arizona Game & Fish Department posted a picture of Squeakers wearing a cone after the dog visited a veterinarian and was treated for his injuries.

They also shared photos of the bobcat laying in the dog's bed and even cuddling up with a blanket inside the family's San Manuel home.

According to the post, "The bobcat escaped before an officer arrived."

The family has set up a GoFundMe account, attempting to raise $3,300.00 "to cover medical expenses to help my owners cover the costs," according to the page.

The post also notes: "Any overages will be donated to a local charity to help other people and animals in need that cannot afford it. Thank you!"

The family also shared a photo of Squeakers enjoying a brand-new doggy bed, "as an update, I’m home relaxing in a new bed and taking it easy while I heal up."

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