VIRAL VIDEO: Is It Okay to Wear the Same Pajamas Several Nights in a Row?

Young woman sleeping calmly in her bed hugging teddy bear

Photo: Getty Images

Did your parents implement this rule when you were a child? Were you told to wear the same pajamas for multiple nights in a row?

As a child, I remember my parents saying the garment wasn't dirty, because I "just wore it to sleep in," and it looks like I'm not alone because a TikTok'er has now gone viral with this question: Is it okay to wear pajamas multiple nights in a row as an adult?

In her video, Allison Delperdang (Kjar) asked the question in her caption, "what are adults doing these days? Asking for a friend."

One person chimed in with their opinion in the comments, writing, "Wait. There's people who DONT wear their pjs multiple nights in a row????"

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