Flavor Flav Happy He Received His Refund From Spirit Airlines

Photo: Canva/Getty Images

Spirit Airlines has made amends with rapper and reality star Flavor Flav after one of the gate agents wouldn't allow Flav on his flight, closing the jetway door while Flav was waiting to board the plane.

Spirit is giving Flav a full refund for his flight, but that's not all, the company also upgraded him to its premiere tier of 'Gold Status,' which will help Flav avoid any add-on fees for future flights.

Flav is known to wait for everyone to board the flight before he gets on because many fans have stopped him in the past for pictures, and he didn't want to hold up the line as a result.

His reps have indicated that Flav is very pleased by Spirit Airline's decision to make things right with him.

Can we talk about why Flavor Flav is flying Spirit in the first place...?

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