A Woman Returned $543 She Found In Her KFC Order, Praised For "Goodness"

Money stack

Photo: Getty Images

On September 14, in Jackson, Georgia, JoAnn Oliver, an accounts payable expert with the Head Start program, used her lunch break to visit the drive-thru at her neighborhood KFC restaurant.

After receiving her order, the grandmother of one went back to work, sat down for lunch, and began pulling her order out of the bag when she discovered an unexpected surprise.

The woman had ordered a chicken sandwich with extra pickles when they were out of the chicken potpie she went there for, and when she took the sandwich out of the bag, she found a wad of cash underneath it. $543.10 to be exact.

She considered what she could do with the money if she kept it, telling TODAY that she currently is caring for her husband, who has suffered two strokes and is now battling terminal cancer.

After debating with a co-worker about needing to return the money, Oliver decided to call the police.

Oliver accompanied an officer back to KFC with the $543, and they found that the food envelope containing the money was actually meant for a deposit and would’ve likely cost the manager their job.

“I was raised to know that if it’s not yours, you don’t keep it,” Oliver explained. “It’s one of the main things that I’ve been saying ever since. It was not mine to keep!”

The Jackson Police Department shared a Facebook post to honor JoAnn's selflessness, writing, “Character and integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking!!!”

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