Pizza Hut Unveils a Cheeky New "Italian Taco" to Compete with Taco Bell

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Photo: Getty Images

Is Pizza Hut responding to the return of Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza today by advertising a "new" product? Fans think so...

The pizza chain announced that it is rolling out an “Italian Taco.”

According to the company, the Italian Taco features a hand-tossed taco shell stuffed with a classic marinara sauce, melted mozzarella cheese and the fillings of your choosing.

Does it sound like they are simply advertising a slice of pizza? Yes, they are. Hence why we say it's cheeky.

The "Italian Taco" can be enjoyed by anyone simply by folding over a slice of pizza taco-style and enjoying that way.

So is it new? Not at all. Did Pizza Hut just troll us all? Yes, they did.

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