Italian Chefs Break a Guinness World Record with a 70-Foot Long Cannolo

Sicilian cannoli with chocolate chips

Photo: Getty Images

I didn't know when I woke up today that I would witness something straight out of one of my dreams, but hey, that's amore! That's because a talented and determined team of Italian chefs recently broke a Guinness World Record in Italy by whipping up a cannolo measuring over 70 feet long.

On Sunday (9/11/2022) in Caltanissetta, Sicily, a team of chefs from all-across Italy came together to cook up the world's longest cannolo, better known by the plural tense, cannoli.

According to the event's organizer, Ristoworld Italia and led by master pastry chef Lillo Defraia, the dessert's massive shell was filled with over 1,500 pounds of ricotta.

The 70-foot, 3.7-inch cannolo took the Guinness World Record from the previous record-holder, a 16-foot, 4.9-inch cannolo made back in 2016.

If they need help eating that, I volunteer as tribute!

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