Taco Bell Makes the Mexican Pizza Permanent on Their Menu

Taco Bell Restaurant

Photo: Getty Images

September 15 is going to be a big day for Taco Bell fans.

That's the day when the chain brings back the much-loved Mexican Pizza to its menus permanently, this time.

Taco Bell brought back the Mexican Pizza earlier this year with the help of Doja Cat and Dolly Parton, but the chain quickly learned of the Mexican Pizza's demand after they experienced the menu item being sold out across the country.

Sean Tresvant, global chief brand officer at Taco Bell, said, "We're excited that the Mexican Pizza is finally back on menus permanently and are grateful to every single person that's been with us on this long journey."

If you want early access to the Mexican Pizza's return, it is recommended you sign up for Taco Bell's rewards club, however, it is expected to hit menus nationwide this week.

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