Naked Florida Man Throws Urn Full of Ashes During Argument in Sebastian

Photo: Canva/Sebastian Police Department

A naked Florida man from Sebastian was arrested Saturday morning after a heated argument led to an urn containing loved one's ashes to be used as a weapon!

According to the Sebastian Police Department, officers arrived on scene to find that 46-year-old Scott Cornwell had been involved in an argument with the unnamed victim, which escalated when Cornwell threw a glass-style urn that he had been holding, at their head.

Police found the victim at a neighbor's house with injuries to their face and transported them to Sebastian Hospital, where it was later revealed they had suffered a fractured nasal cavity.

The victim warned police that Cornwell owned multiple firearms before Police surrounded the man's home. They attempted to call Cornwell over the phone several times and knocked on the man's windows but he never responded, according to police.

However, after an hour, the Sebastian Police Department was able to arrest Cornwell after he exited his home completely naked.

Cornwell has been charged with aggravated battery.

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