Black Bear Makes Repeated Visits to Florida Golf Course, Tennis Courts

Photo: Canva

Authorities at a Naples, Florida sports club revealed that over the past week, a black bear has been making return visits to both the golf course and the tennis courts.

According to The Club at The Strand in Naples, the bear was first spotted by guests on Sunday (6/26/22) and has made regular appearances ever since, and even took a tour of the barn where they keep the golf carts.

Officials at the club say that although its presence has caused some minor inconveniences, the bear has been harmless.

The Club at The Strand shared the video on their Facebook and wrote, "The bear has not been aggressive, it shuffles out of people's way and is sensitive to noise, but it did go on to roam the tennis courts (players cleared out), headed towards fitness center and then proceeded onto the golf course,"

The club also shared a video of the bear hanging out on Instagram.

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