Bam Margera Found in Deerfield Beach After 2nd Rehab Escape This Month

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Former "Jackass" star, Bam Margera has been found safe in Deerfield Beach, Florida following his second escape from rehab in just two weeks, and according to reports from members of his team, the reality star is on his way to a new treatment center, thanks to an intervention.

According to TMZ, the 42-year-old skateboarder was located Monday (6/27/22) at a hotel in Deerfield Beach. Bam was last seen on Saturday evening near LifeSkills South Florida residential facility, but then could not be located.

TMZ also reports that Margera’s mother and father joined a crisis intervention team, including police, and other family members who called in to speak with him, and held an intervention "on the spot".

It is unclear whether Margera’s wife, Nicole Boyd, took part in the intervention.

Allegedly, Margera pleaded to see the couple’s 4-year-old son, Phoenix Wolf, but the stunt performer was told that he needed to get back in treatment before that could happen.

A source from Bam's team revealed to TMZ that he “voluntarily agreed” to check in to a new treatment facility.

Previously on June 13, Bam was reported missing after leaving his court-ordered rehab facility in Delray Beach without permission, and at that time, allegedly told the facility's manager he was not happy with his treatment there and planned to check into a different rehab. However, he could not be located.

Bam was found safe 2 days later while hiding out in a Delray Beach, Florida hotel room, and TMZ 's sources revealed Margera was sober and cooperative before he checked in to this second facility, to which he escaped most recently.

The "Jaclass" alum has stayed active on social media during the chaos, posting mostly throwback photos to his Instagram.

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