TikTok Couple Trolled For Delivering For DoorDash On Their Date Night

DoorDash Kitchens

Photo: Getty Images

Is this a super smart idea or a total mood killer? A TikToker named Teresa Jack recently revealed that she and her husband sometimes spend their date nights doing something a little unconventional...delivering food to people for DoorDash.

In the video, Teresa writes, "Not us side hustling on date night."

The now-viral video shows Teresa and her husband as they pick up food from a Dairy Queen and deliver it to a customer's house.

She explains the unconventional date night by writing, “We’re trying to make money this date night instead of spending it.”

The video even got the attention of DoorDash, who commented: "No need to chase that dollar when you've already won the lottery."

But not everyone was as impressed with the concept as DoorDash was, with many social media users showing their disapproval in the comments.

One viewer wrote, "That’s not a date night. That’s a job. Call it what it is."

Another critic chimed in calling the date a "capitalist nightmare."

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