Ben Affleck's 10-Year-Old Son Backed a Lambo Into a BMW

Photo: Canva/Getty Images

It looks like Ben Affleck's 10-year-old has gotten himself into a little supervised mischief after he got in he driver's seat of a Lamborghini with the engine running, put it in reverse, and hit another parked car, all in front of his father and future step-mother Jennifer Lopez.

Over the weekend, on Sunday, Ben and JLo went with Samuel Garner Affleck to 777 Exotics, a luxury car rental dealership in Los Angeles. The adults were looking at the cars when Ben decided to let his son sit in the driver's seat of a yellow Lamborghini.

It's unclear as to why the vehicle's engine was running, however, Samuel put the very expensive car in reverse and made contact with a white BMW.

From the photos, it appears that the Lambo's rear bumper on the passenger side made contact with the BMW's front wheel and fender.

A rep for Ben Affleck told TMZ there was no damage, and everyone's just fine. A claim that was backed up by an employee at 777 Exotics who told the outlet that there was no accident and the 2 cars were just parked really close together.

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