Bam Margera Has Vanished from Delray Beach, Florida Rehab Facility...Again

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Former "Jackass" star, Bam Margera has once again vanished from a Florida rehab facility, and police are still actively searching for him, just 2 weeks after he left a court-mandated rehab center in Delray Beach.

According to TMZ, law enforcement last spotted Bam, wearing a black shirt, black sweatpants, and black sneakers, around 5:30 PM Saturday in Deerfield Beach after he left LifeSkills rehab facility without permission.

Broward County detectives are still searching for Bam and asking anyone with information to call them.

Just earlier this month, authorities in Delray Beach were searching for the "Jackass alum" after he left a rehab facility, it is unclear if this is the same one or a different treatment center.

According to a police report, on June 13, the skateboarder went missing after Bam told the rehab's manager that he was unhappy with his treatment. He allegedly told the manager he was going to check himself into a different rehab center nearby, proceeded to leave in a black sedan without authorization from the staff or the court, and failed to check in to a new facility.

Bam was found days later at a Delray Beach hotel, upon which he was escorted by police back to the treatment center.

According to TMZ, Bam was out at a few local bars the day before he was found, and a source claimed he had been off of his medication for several days, and members of his team were worried that he would relapse.

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