West Palm Beach Man Looks For Lost Rooster, Stumbles Upon Skeletal Remains

Crime scene investigation. Forensic science specialist working on human remains identification.

Photo: Getty Images

On Tuesday (6/21/22), a man was simply looking for his lost rooster, but he found a lot more. The man stumbled into a vacant lot, only to come across skeletal remains in downtown West Palm Beach.

In a grassy area near Henrietta Avenue in Downton West Palm Beach, several skeleton remains were found, including a human skull.

The man, named James, explained that his rooster escaped from a yard on Sapodilla, leading him to look for him in the empty lot next door.

Once in the lot, something caught his eye, "I just found something weird and I kick it and when I see something weird like a skull it was scary and I said I don’t know what this is," James recalled.

James immediately called West Palm Beach police, who soon confirmed that James' instinct was correct, and it was in fact, human skeletal remains buried only inches below the surface.

After the remains were located near 14th Street and Sapodilla Avenue, James appropriately reacted by expressing, "It's weird you know. I never expected that thing in the back of my house."

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