New Study Says 6% of People Think It's Fine to Pee in Swimming Pools

Young man filling plastic pool with water from hose

Photo: Getty Images

We're all guilty of it, we've all done it, c'mon, just admit that you've peed in a pool at some point in your life. Maybe you still do? But good news, you dirty little rebel, you're not alone.

It was recently revealed that a town in Spain wants to fine people $800 for peeing in the ocean. How they plan on enforcing this rule, we have no clue, but it started a much bigger discussion about whether or not it's bad to relieve yourself in the pool.

According to a recent study, 6% of people say it's just fine to pee in pools and 41% of people say you should just go to a restroom, and avoid peeing in the ocean OR a pool. But 48% said it's cool to pee in the ocean, but NOT the pool.

Besides being gross, urine will mess with a pool's chemistry, which is essential for keeping the swimming water safe.

But in case you're curious as to who's peeing in the pool, in the survey, 10% of 18-24 year-olds say it's okay to pee in the pool, however, only 2% of people 65 years of age and older agree with that.

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