TikTok is Obsessed with a Hilarious New Game Called "He's a 10 But..."

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Photo: Getty Images

Have you attempted the latest in viral TikTok trends? The social media platform is blowing up with people obsessed over the "He's a 10" game.

Here is how the game is played: you ask someone a question that starts with "He's a 10" or "She's a 10" and then you follow up with "but" and then name a BAD thing about them and see if you still think they would be a "10".

The more ridiculous or totally outlandish, the better.

Here's an example of one I gave my co-host, Carmine: "She's a 10 but...she has a small yappy chihuahua she takes everywhere with her." What would you or your friends rate her now?

Enjoy some of the hilarious examples below.

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