WATCH: Two Bears Break Into Home's Garage, Wreck Everything During Brawl

Grizzly Bears Sparring at Hallo Bay in Katmai National Park

Photo: Getty Images

A rare sight was caught on a Ring security camera in South Lake Tahoe, California when two bears crashed into a homeowner’s garage and proceeded to wreak havoc while viciously fighting.

Technically, it was a carport and not a full garage, but that's not important, because the bear brawl was of epic proportions and all captured by the homeowner’s Ring security camera.

The now-viral video shows the bears charging at one another from opposite ends of the carport and slamming into each other as they destroy everything in their path.

According to ABC 7, the South Lake Tahoe resident's name is Lisa Quick who said that she awoke to ‘strange growling’ but, as she told the local news outlet, she sees bears ‘every single day’ in her area and simply chalked it up to a rogue bear, coyote, or raccoon.

My question: How does one simply not hear that kind of destruction going on that close to their home? I'm jealous because it sounds like Lisa sleeps like a bear...pun intended.

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