STUDY: When Guys Post Shirtless Tinder Pics, Women Think They Have STDs

Naked bearded dark-hair handsome man shirtless in white bed taking a selfie

Photo: Getty Images

If you are frequenting dating apps like Tinder, you may want to be on the lookout for those guys who like to post shirtless pics. Because a new study from the University of Colorado proved that going topless on Tinder makes women more likely to think you have an STD.

In the study, researchers showed over 500 people a photo of a fake profile picture, belonging to a fictitious guy named "Noah."

"Noah" was shown to the participants with a shirt on in some of the photos, and without one in others. But when he was shirtless, both women and men showed that they were more likely to think the man engaged in "risky sexual behavior" and seemed less competent in general.

The authors of the study say that if you want to be successful on these apps, put a shirt on.

A similar study last year found that guys who use dating apps just to hook up are more likely to post more shirtless pics.

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