Kris Jenner Compares a Gas Station's Drive-Thru Car Wash to Disneyland

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Apparently, it doesn't take much to thrill Kris Jenner these days because the famous momager had the time of her life on this week’s episode of Hulu's “The Kardashians” when she compared the experience of going through a drive-thru car wash at a gas station to Disneyland.

It appeared to be Kris's first time taking a car through a drive-thru car wash in the episode.

As Kris and her daughter Kylie Jenner sat inside of their vehicle, Kris exclaimed, “This is like Disneyland!”

“We have to bring the kids here! This is so fun," Kris continued!

Kylie then commented that the car wash was a “tourist attraction,” and as Kris said it was the “best $12 [she] ever spent.”

As the episode continued, the ladies' day also included a trip to the grocery store. Kris admitted, “I have not been to a grocery store in two years … One of the things that gets a little tricky is privacy. I stopped going to the grocery store because the people in the grocery store were sneaking pictures and then suddenly paparazzi would show up. It was hard.”

They wrapped up their day living like the rest of us by topping off their gas tank. You go, girls!

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