Bad Bunny's Staff At GEKKO MIAMI Eat Birthday Cake WITHOUT PERMISSION


Photo: Getty Images

You know how when you go to a restaurant for a birthday you sometimes bring a birthday cake which the staff can hold on to until you are ready to bring it out and sing? Well thats what this group of 6 girls did. They bought a cake from the famous Piononos to give to their bestie on her birthday and they went to Bad Bunny's restaurant in Brickell called Gekko Miami. When it was time to sing happy birthday the staff not just brought out the wrong cake, but after singing and giving each person in the group the smallest sliver of cake, the bill came and they were charged $50 to cut the cake!

On top of that, when it was time to leave, the girls asked for the remaining part of the cake, and when they brought it out, it was EATEN!!! These girls hilariously recount the story on their TikTok.

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