OnlyInFlorida: Hialeah Woman is Coming for Your Velveeta MacNCheese!!!

A Florida Woman from HIALEAH is making national headlines Luvies and the reason is sooooo Florida its not even funny!!!

It's the AUDACITY for Me!!!

Amanda Ramirez has filed a class action lawsuit against Kraft Heinz Food saying that the companies claim that the Velveeta Shells & Cheese Original Microwavable is "ready to eat in 3.5min" is "False and Misleading"!!!

But wait 'til you hear WHY...

She goes on to say that they don't take into consideration the time it takes to...

1)Remove the lid

2)Open/Add the Sauce

3)Add the water

4)AND STIR!!!!

Now, clearly Ms. Ramirez is a busy woman who's time is quite Valuable...I'd say according to this lawsuit she feels she's worth about $2.5mil a minute!!!


I'm telling you...Florida Man/Woman is CONTAGIOUS and it's spreading....FAST!!!

PS...even her attorney knows just how ridiculous this whole situation is, but that ain't gonna stop him for proceeding! In fact he rebased this statement:

“I’ve gotten a lot of flak about this case, but deceptive advertising is deceptive advertising. Here, Kraft charges extra for a desirable feature (saving time) but the marketing is false, it takes far longer for the product to be ready than as advertised. Deceptive adverting plain and simple. There are a lot of people that may feel this is just a little fibbing and not really a case and I get that. But we are striving for something better. We want corporate America to be straightforward and truthful in advertising their products. My firm also represents clients in what most would say are more compelling cases (arsenic in baby food, etc.) but we don’t feel corporations should get a pass for any deceptive advertising. The consumers deserve better.”

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