Many Think Britney Spears Is PREGNANT Because Of THIS Video

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Photo: Getty Images

Britney Spears opened up a while ago about a miscarriage she had with her husband Sam Asghari. She has been open about the idea of wanting more children, especially now being able to since she is out of the conservatorship which forced her to take certain birth controls to prevent pregnancy. Either way, recently Britney has been posting her usual videos on Instagram, some dancing, some showing off her clothes, but many people are confused. She supposedly moved a while to a new home with Sam, but she never posts any pictures or videos from that location. People notice that the videos she is posting now are from her old home, which makes them wonder if these are old videos.

But these videos you can see how Britney touches her stomach in a way that one may think a pregnant person would. Also noticing her play on words in the caption.

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