Did You Know: If you hear THIS during a flight its time to pay attention!!!

So s/o to our friends over at WIOD 610 (news station) for sharing this disturbing little nugget of information...

That's right luvies...those "random" dings and dongs you hear during your flight aren't so random after all!!!

In fact, Flight Attendant Tommy Cimato, made a TikTok video thats going viral breaking down all the different "tones" you might hear on a flight and there's one that you don't EVER want to hear...

OK so 3 Hi-Low Tones in a Row and its time to start digging under your seat for your life-vest and looking for the nearest exit...Cool...Got IT!!!

Like I said at the beginning...definitely a disturbing little nugget of info, but if I know it...then you need to too!!!


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