WATCH: Tom Hanks goes 'Cast Away' on the Paparazzi and for Good Reason!

You've probably heard the saying, "Mess with the Bull and you'll get the horns"...

Well apparently for Tom Hanks, the "bull" is his wife, Rita Wilson and some over zealous fans found out just how nasty those horns can be when you get too close...

YIKES...Talk about Date-Night taking a Dark Turn!

But I love that the internet is fully behind Tom's reaction 'cuz you really have to F*@K UP BIG time to get Tom Hanks Big MAD!!!

I'm mean lets be honest tho...

Is this surprising?

We all saw the lengths he was willing to go to to save Wilson (a raggedy volleyball)...whatchu thought the man was gonna do when it came to his WIFE?!!!

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