Seattle Couple Says Living on Cruise Ships Cheaper than a Having a House...

Ok so this headline sounds crazy but its very true...

The Burkes, a retired Seattle couple in their mid 50's, are living their best retirement life and we are not mad at them.

They've managed to do what most can and only dream of doing...they've quit their 9 to 5's...leaving behind the bills and house that a landlubbers life comes it instead for a nomadic life at sea.

That's right, this couple strategically plans cruises all over the world with one finishing where the next will begin and the best part is that its actually costing them less than having jobs and living on land!


After crunching the numbers, the couple, in their 50s, realised they could live the rest of their lives hopping from cruise ship to cruise ship - for as little as $A62 each a day.

Fifty-three-year-old Angelyn, an accountant, figured they could live their dream lifestyle thanks to a combination of savings and the anticipated sale of their home, in the US city of Seattle.

So they quit their jobs and, leaving behind their yet-to-be-sold bricks and mortar, sailed into the sunset.

Since May of 2021 they've gone on a 50 day Adriatic adventure as well as a 51 day cruise from Seattle to Sydney. They've also visited places like Singapore, Italy, Canada, Iceland and the Bahamas, with Singapore being the standout least to this point!

“I believe this is achievable for the everyday cruiser, but it does take effort,” Angelyn says.

“It is leisurely travel without the complications of booking hotels, restaurants and transportation, while staying within our budget.”

The couple sees no drawbacks to living at sea, but Angelyn cautions that anyone who wants to set sail should try long-term cruises before making it permanent.

Angelyn’s top tips

  1. First and most importantly, make sure you enjoy being at sea. Cruising is not for everyone. Try different cruise lines to see what appeals to you.
  2. Sign up for loyalty programs and keep an eye on deals being offered by multiple cruise lines.
  3. Be flexible with travel dates and try to stay in a geographical area as long as possible to cut down on travel costs between ships.
  4. Book inside cabins or the lowest cost room (sometimes balcony rooms cost the same as an inside cabin).
  5. Stay away from beverage packages.
  6. Keep track of your costs and be mindful of your budget. Don’t get carried away with purchasing items or with gambling in the casino since this is not a holiday but a way of life.
  7. Travel light. There is no need to bring tons of things with you since there are stores all over the world to purchase what you need.

So now that we know Its Possible the only question I have is...

Could YOU do it? Could you sell everything and live on Cruise Ships for the rest of your life? Could you do it for a year? A Month...

Let Us Know!!!

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