ICYMI: Oprah Didn't Leave Her House for How Many Days?!

So, for many of us if feels like pandemic is sort-of in the past at this point...right?!

But. just because we're moving forward doesn't mean we've forgotten or ever will forget what it was like when the World Shut Down...

For many of us its become another "where were you when" moment, but for others its more of a "How long were you" question and for one of the worlds biggest celebrities the answer is quite interesting.

That's right Luvies...our girl Oprah affectionately known (by me) as The Big "O" apparently didn't leave her home for 322 days at the beginning of the pandemic.

I know what you're thinking....if I lived at Oprahs I wouldn't have left either...but come on folks...this is a woman who could've gone anywhere in the world to quarantine and at any time, but instead chose to hunker down at home.

And not only that...

She says she Loved It!

When her bestie Gayle King asked her whether or not she missed people this is what she had to say...

“What has surprised me the most is how well I was able to adjust to the isolation and not being around other people,” Winfrey said. “I remember one point [Gayle King] said, ‘Don’t you just miss being around other people?’ I go, ‘Eh, not really.’”

And this is actually pretty understandable when you take into consideration that Oprah has basically belonged to the people her entire adult life.

She points out,

“I was in an audience of 350 people twice a day, so I’ve had shaking hands and autographs and selfies, and lots of attention, and exposure to being around a lot of people,” she said. But when she started staying home, she was “able to be with myself in a way that I haven’t been able to for years, because usually, even if I take time off for myself, I’m thinking about what is the next thing to come.”

The Billionaire also has no problem acknowledging that she lives a blessed and privileged life and that was another reason she was able to enjoy the peace and quiet of quarantine...She wasn't worried about where her next paycheck was coming from like so many Americans and others around the world.

Also, lets not forget that our girl has definitely had some friends stop by her palatial Cali pad loving labeled "The Promised Land"!

Remember when Harry & Meghan stopped by...

And we can't forget our girl ADELE....

Regardless, we're just happy things are slowly but surely getting back to "normal" for everyone & we've officially added "Invite to Oprahs" to our Vision Boards moving forward...

How did you do with Quarantine and staying inside? Did you last as long as Oprah? We're you an "essential worker"?

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