GTFOH: "Cash Me Outside" Girl Made HOW Much on Only Fans?!!!!

Like I can't...

No PAINS me to write this!!!

Yesterday the worlds most notorious "Florida Child", little miss "Cash Me Outside...How 'bout Dat" aka Danielle Bregoli aka Rapper Bhad Bhabie went on-line and claimed to have made over $50 Million Dollars on Only Fans leaving Me and I'm sure MANY other people speechless at the absolute absurdity of the world in 2022.

If you don't remember OR have absolutely ZERO idea who she is let me take a Dr.Phil Moment to remind you... forward a few years and now, not only is homegirl a "rapper" but she's also an Only Fans Superstar!

I kid you not...she actually broke the OF single day record when she launched her account on her 18th birthday...

I think that says more about the pervy men who'd been following her waiting for the day she turned "legal" then it actually does about her popularity but never-the-less she is CAKING!!!

And if you're thinking...Men lie, Women Lie...Numbers Don't...she's got the receipts to back up her claims...

YOU SEE THAT GROSS TOTAL...$52,892,972.42...and I am officially ABSOLUTELY MIND BLOOOOOOOWN!!!

I mean she does have over 16mil followers on IG and she charges $23.99 a month plus extra for private messages and "tips"...but I still can't wrap my head around it...


As I said before...#ICanNot!!!

For the sake of HUMANITY I truly hope she has photoshopped or face-tuned or done some other magic trick and that this is not in fact actual TRUTH because I might just have to reconsider my entire life!!!

PS...You already know where homegirl is from right?! Yup you guessed it....FLORIDA BHABY!!!

And on that note I leave you with this...

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