Up to Speed: Man Suspected of Shooting Dog at Davie Vet has been ARRESTED!


That's right Luvies...the animal responsible for shooting a doggy named Matilda 7times and killing her while she was locked inside a kennel at a Davie Vet Clinic has been ARRESTED!!!

In the video seen above we witness Chase Billie shoot Matilda multiple times...and as heartbreaking and disgusting as it is the situation is even more heartbreaking when we found out that not only was Matilda a beloved pet but she was also an unofficial service animal for 27yr Army Reserve Master Sergeant and Miami-Dade Fire Rescue member David Perez who came back from his last tour in Afghanistan "a little broken".

Perez now suffers from PTSD and says he's managing it but on his tough days, it was Matilda who could help pull him out of his depression and ease his anxiety.

Perez was happy to hear that the perpetrator, Chayse Billie, was apprehended and is now in BSO custody, however he did point out that this is an individual that clearly has some issues and needs to pay for what he did.

“He probably has done this, or he was planning to do it again,” he said. “It’s so cold, and very methodical.”
Perez had some words for the suspect.
“I’m glad that you got caught. You obviously have some serious issues, but you have to pay for what you did. You need to pay,” he said.

We couldn't AGREE MORE!!!

Again, Chayse Billie was taken into custody Tuesday afternoon after a joint effort between the Seminole and Davie Police Departments.

Billie faces a felony charge of aggravated animal cruelty.

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What do YOU think the punishment for a crime like this should be???

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