Say It Ain't So: Cardi B DELETES Instagram & Twitter...AGAIN!!!

Don't try and tell Cardi B what she did or didn't say or do on social media...

Seriously, the reality tv star turned global phenomenon got so fed up with her fans following Sunday nights 64th Annual Grammy Awards, after they took to twitter and instagram to berate the rapper for being a "No Show" on musics biggest night that she not only cussed them the F*** out but she ended up DELETING both her IG & Twitter in the aftermath too!!!

Check out some of the twitter exchanges between Cardi and her #BardiGang...


Call me crazy but I'm thinking there might be some other stuff going on in Cardi's life 'cuz these replies seem a little hostile even for her!

Regardless, social media has definitely changed the game when it comes to the artist/fan dynamic and sometimes the only way to get a little separation is to shut it all down ...COMPLETELY!!!

Im thinking this TimeOut is a very good thing for ALL parties involved...especially Cardi B!!!


If you've ever gone on a "social media detox"'d it go? Did you feel better or did you miss it? Any suggestions on how to go about doing it? Weigh in on the post below...

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