Say It Ain't So: We Hear Kim K can't keep up with the bedroom?!

So, I think its time we hang up the whole "Kim Kardashian is famous for a sex-tape" argument...and after what Im about to tell you I think you'll agree.

There's no denying that Kim Kardashian exudes incredible sexual energy in pretty much any and every picture we see of her...

Whether its bikini pics, a new SKIMS campaign, or a day/night out on the town this girl gives us face and body around the clock!

Unfortunately pics do not equate to prowess in all walks of life and according to our "sources"...Kimmy Cakes is having a tough time Keeping Up with least in the bedroom!!!

That's right Luvies...word in these streets is that Pete has quite the libido and Kim is having a tough time delivering on his high demand sex drive, but she's giving it the old college try and loving every minute. In fact, despite saying she wanted to keep this relationship casual some peeps close to the situation are saying she "thinks" she's in love with Pete...a far cry from casual and also probably more about LUST than actual love.

Now, if we're being totally honest...we can’t really blame her, as she and Kanye had allegedly. stopped being intimate long before they split up. According to folks close to the couple they were totally out of sync on every level for years, so she felt. starved of affection. Then suddenly Pete swoops in and starts giving her more than she can even handle and it’s been very intoxicating.

But it seems the couple – who have been dating for around five months – are not necessarily on the same page. Our friends at HEAT had this insight for us...

“Pete always comes on very strong and he’s extremely charming, so women tend to fall very hard and fast for him and Kim is no different,” our source says of the 28-year-old comedian. “There’s no doubt he finds her very attractive, but he’s also bragging a lot about the exposure he’s gotten since he started dating her. He’s addicted to the fame and the perks that come from being part of the klan.” 
As a 41-year-old mother to four going through a messy divorce, it seems Kim’s emotions might be a little delicate 
“Right now Kim is completely under his spell and she’s bending over backwards to keep him satisfied. Whereas for Pete it’s business and the bedroom, and that's about it – which would be fine if Kim weren’t convinced that it was something more.”

Can't lie...our girl DEFINITELY seems sprung and all we can do is hope that this 'ship works out better than both of the lasts...

Sidenote: How important is SEX in a relationship? Could you be with someone who couldn't meet your needs/demands in the bedroom?

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