Crazy But True: UNCOMBABLE Hair Syndrome is a Real Thing!!!

That's right folks...we've ALL experienced a bad hair day (or 1000 in my case) and normally we chalk it up to anything from humidity, to laziness, to the good ol "Big Hair Don't Care"excuse and go about our day, but for one Georgia mom taming her toddlers tresses became so impossible she took to the internet for some help!

Meet 17month old Locklan...

Locklan lives in Georgia and his mom, Katelyn Samples, was at such a loss when trying to tame this cuties crazy mane, that as you can see seemingly defies all combs and conditioners, she decided it was time to take her dilemma to the place we've all learned to go when seeking advice from perfect strangers....the Internet.

So, here is Katelyn, a mommy clearly at her wits end, when she decides to post a picture of Locklans unruly but Oh Sooooo precious locks on the gram in an attempt to get some sort of insight as to what fix, if any, there might be, when it comes to dealing with his hair and that is when a stranger told her of a possible cause of his glorious mop.

This fabulous mess isn't just a typical case of little boy (or girl) bedhead but instead is due to a medical condition known as Uncombable Hair Syndrome!

UHS is an extremely rare genetic disorder of the scalp caused by a mutation in genes involved in the formation of hair shafts, and get this...there are only about 100 cases of it here in the US.

Mom says the chief symptom of UHS is "disorderly hair" that "stands out from the scalp and cannot be combed flat" and this was certainly the case for Locklan as his hair "can't be tamed". She says, "Nothing can fix it."

But C'mon...

Would You Even Want To....?!!!!!

I mean seriously, Locklan might be one of the cutest kids I've ever seen and his personality seems to match his hair perfectly plus who wouldn't LOVE to have an excuse to NEVER have to do their hair EVERRRRR!!!!

Anyway, according to doctors UHS usually presents between the ages of 3 months and 12yrs old and as kids get older, their hair tends to become silvery or strawberry blonde.

All I know is that I will definitely be following Locklans journey with these lovely locks on his instagram page... @Uncombable_Locks!!!

Sidenote: Parents, do you struggle with your kids hair? Do they hate when you try to brush it? Or do your kids spend more time in the bathroom getting ready than you?!

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