Dual Lipa is accused of stealing 'LEVITATING' from THIS song!

Dua Lipa Future Nostalgia Tour - New York, NY

Photo: Getty Images

OHHHH no, I hate when this happens. So Dua Lipa is now being sued because they claim she has plagiarized their song. Listen, usually this happens once a song makes it big so that whoever is suing can cash in big. And a lot of times, it is a stretch to say that it is copied, but this might be a litttttle too close for comfort. A band called Artikal Sound System are saying that she ripped off their reggae song "Live Your Life."

Take a listen to both songs, which thanks to TMZ we have Artikal's version and tell ua what you think? You think that Dua ripped them off or this could just be a simple mix up?

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