ICYMI: A Chopper Crashed off SoBe over the Weekend & the Video is Crazy!

So, we all know that crazy sites and viral videos are par for the course as far as South Beach is concerned but over the weekend something happened that blew everyones mind & of course it was caught on video...

A little after 1pm on what most would consider a typically loungy SoFlo Saturday afternoon a very popular stretch of South Beach quickly became frighteningly chaotic as a helicopter crashed into the clear blue water off 10th street and ocean drive.

3 people were aboard the chopper when it went down, everyone survived the crash but two passengers were transported to local hospitals with trauma injuries, however they were listed in stable condition. Miami Beach Police and Fire Rescue responded promptly and as you can see from the video the beach was crowded as was the water making the fact that there weren't more injuries feel truly miraculous.

The crazier part of this story (if you can believe it gets crazier) is that just a few hours later another chopper went down in similar fashion in Newport Beach California. This helicopter was a working police chopper and unfortunately one veteran officer of the police force lost his life in that crash.

Not sure how I'm feeling about Helicopters these days...You?

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