Crazy but True: There's a 500 lb Burgling Bear on the loose in Tahoe...

He goes by "Hank the Tank". Hank is a 500 lb black bear thats been steady burglarizing a California Town since last July...

No seriously, Hank has mastered the art of Breaking and Entering to the tune of over 30 houses in South Lake Tahoe Keys.

If you're thinking to yourself, "this can't be real" or "bears don't break into houses...trashcans maybe but houses...No Way". Think Again!

On multiple occasions Big Hank has smashed through residential fences and windows to gain access to people's houses and take food, and at this point the CDFW (California Department of Fish and Wildlife) feels he's become a real threat as he's become habituated to human food. (we all know how easy that can happen)

Below is actual footage of "Hank the Tank" breaking into someone house on the hunt for food...

Unfortunately, because of his "bad" bear behavior Hank has been earmarked for capture and possible euthanasia by the CDFW despite the fact that the community he's been bullying fully supports the big guy and wants to see him relocated to a sanctuary where he can live out his days in peace while still being fed in the easiest fashion.

Yesterday a user by the name of Julia P from California launched an online petition addressed to Governor Newsom, the California State Assembly and PETA with the hope of rallying enough support to protect Hank's life and help with the relocation process.

Julia pointed out that it's because of the demolition and industrialization of his home that Hank has had to figure out new ways of survival and the easiest way for him to get food he's learned is to break into peoples houses and steal it. Her petition has already garnered hundreds of signatures and clearly gotten more people talking about Hank the Tank...I mean we are right.

So I now I have to ask...if you had to come home to an animal rummaging through your cupboards for food would you rather it be a Bear or a Gator?

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