Lawsuit: Florida Condo Collapse Triggered by Building Work

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Miami Area Experiences Construction Boom

Photo: (Getty Images)

A Miami lawsuit charges that a luxury condominium tower built just a few feet away from Champlain Towers South caused structural damage, leading to the collapse that killed 98 people in June.

The complaint alleges that builders of the newer condo, known as 87 Park, brushed off warning signs and built structures that exacerbated the Champlain Towers’ problems, the Miami Herald newspaper reported.

“The collapse was entirely preventable,” the lawsuit says.

Champlain Towers was in the midst of its 40-year structural review when it collapsed without warning in the early morning hours of June 24.

The collapse has triggered multiple federal and state investigations and a flurry of lawsuits by victims, families and condo owners.

The lead investigating agency is the National Institute for Standards and Technology, which recently estimated its probe could take as long as two years.

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