Broward Fantasy 5 winner yet to claim prize

Florida Lottery Game Cards

Photo: Getty Images

If you play the lottery and live in Broward County, please check your lottery tickets!

We all know lottery tickets, receipts, and other small papers tend to disappear fast, but one Broward County is has a ticket worth $90,000 yet to be collected!

Lottery officials say a Fantasy 5 ticket worth $89,175.06 was bought at a Publix at 8842 West State Road 84 in Davie for the March 14 drawing.

4-5-8-25-30 were declared the winning numbers.

So please, check your laundry, check your purses, check your wallets and glove compartments, because your window to claim that beautiful 90k runs up on September 10th!

And if you read this article and you find out you have the winning ticket, I should at least be entitled to 5%.

For more information, call 850-487-7787 or visit

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