TikTok Tips To Look 15 Years Younger

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Worried that your skinny jeans and side part are making you look older? Gen Z says they are and one TikToker is turning to the younger users to ask for advice on what she can do to look more youthful. “Does this eyeliner and side part age me, please be honest but not mean,” Alezandra asks in a selfie video with the hashtags #cheugy and #needaglowup. The clip has more than 250-thousand views and she was flooded with advice from Gen Z on how to take years off her look using current hair and makeup trends.

· Many users suggested she switch to a middle part and ditch the heavy black eyeliner. So the first part of Alezandra’s “millennial makeover” as she calls it was softer eyeliner, which she showed off in a video and admits she likes.

· She was also advised to go easy on the eyeshadow and skip the shimmer because it’s “aging.” So her next video shows off less makeup and matte eyeshadow and she says, “Let me know when I look 25 otherwise I’ll have to continue this series.”

In Alezandra’s next video, she sports straight hair parted down the middle, which she says shows how “TikTok helped me look 15 years younger in a week.” Since then, she’s cut popular curtain bangs and says in the video, “Not even Jesus be recognizing me today.” She’s loving her new look and so are other TikTokers, who have been posting compliments about her youthful transformation.

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